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  1. Including Paul Bartel on Death Race 2000 and Tobe Hooper on Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

  2. Includes Steven Spielberg, just after Jaws, talking about how he thinks it’s a sequel to the novel, not an adaptation, and about how filmmakers think they’re immortal.

  3. Includes Werner Herzog talking about earning scars.

  4. Includes Martin Scorsese on working with a kid on Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore and Dustin Hoffman, promoting Lenny, talks about being famous.

  5. The credits from this documentary.


Cannes is the town in France where Bergman meets bikinis, and the art of filmmaking meets the art of the deal. In 1975, a group of expat Kiwis managed to score interviews with some of the festival's emerging talents, indulging their own cinematic dreams in the process. Werner Herzog waxes lyrical on the trials and scars of directing; a boyish Steven Spielberg recalls the challenges of framing shots during Jaws; Martin Scorsese and Dustin Hoffman talk a gallon. Six years later interviewer Michael Heath's debut script The Scarecrow would be invited to Cannes.


On Making Lost in the Garden of the World by Tony Williams 12.11.2010

I wanted to experience the Cannes Film Festival, so we decided the best way to get there was to make a film. Crew and equipment would be supplied by a producer at Thames television. NZ TV would supply post production costs, and interviewer ...

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Credits (7)

 Tony Williams
 Suzy Pointon
 John O'Shea

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 Costa Botes

Costa Botes

I saw this when it first played on NZ TV around 1976. It ruined my life because it helped me make up my mind to try and become a film maker. Now it helps me remember why I thought that was a good idea.

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 The Tony Williams Collection


Well apart from television, I mean there’s really no feature filmmaking in New Zealand. I’m sure that a lot of people given the opportunity would come up with something.  
Making films is assembling dreams, nightmares, fears and laughs. You can play it all back and make your heart stop. 
I am just accustomed to catastrophes ... I said I will have a weapon on me, and the first man who touches me, will drop dead with me. And so about 50 - 60 soldiers and policemen stood and watched, and no one dared to touch me and we filmed the scene. So that’s how we made our films.