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This debut feature from director Niki Caro follows a Tokyo woman and her fiance who elope to New Zealand. A stunted beginning to their sexual relationship is overcome in a cave on an isolated West Coast beach. Shortly afterwards he drowns. She returns to a suffocating Tokyo before being drawn back to the cave. The restrained study of eroticism and grief was based on a short story by Peter Wells (itself inspired by a true story). Desire was selected for Critics' Week at Cannes (1998), and won best film at 1999's NZ Film Awards and a special jury prize for Caro.

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 Darren Schroeder

Darren Schroeder | website

A powerful and haunting work which seems sadly to have been overlooked by cinema audiences. I saw quite a few films at the film festival that year, but this has stayed in my mind while the others faded away.

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 Frame Up Films


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1999 New Zealand Film Awards
Best Film
Special Jury Prize: Niki Caro
Design: Grant Major
Foreign Performer: Yuro Kinugawa
Nominated for Best Director, Best Screenplay Adaptation, and Best Cinematography