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  1. Episode Three - full length. Part one of five.

  2. Episode Three - full length. Part two of five.

  3. Episode Three - full length. Part three of five.

  4. Episode Three - full length. Part four of five.

  5. Episode Three - full length. Part five of five.


A postage stamp of the giant kauri Tane Mahuta was an eight-year old David Bellamy's first introduction to New Zealand. In this episode of Moa’s Ark Bellamy attempts to hug the nearly 14m girth of Tane Mahuta and explores New Zealand's ancient forests and the fight to save them from destruction (including the famous campaigns to save Whirinaki and Puerora Forests when protestors chained themselves to enormous totara to prevent their milling). Also features the extraterresstrial underwater forest deep under Milford Sound.


A series perspective by Paul Stanley Ward 17.11.2008

The billboards hawking Aotearoa to international visitors sell the experience and environment as ‘100% Pure'. But why is New Zealand's landscape and flora and fauna so unique? Renowned English naturalist David Bellamy, with his ...

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Credits (6)

 Peter Hayden
 Michael Stedman
 Mike Lemmon

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 Dave Insull

Dave Insull | website

This is a much watch series for anyone interested in NZ flaura and fauna.. I especially enjoyed the Kauri segment in clip 5.

Great presenter!


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