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Song of the Kauri

Film (Excerpts) – 2012

This 2012 documentary explores the economic and creative potential of one of the icons of New Zealand’s forest: the kauri. Logging and fire have destroyed 95% of Aotearoa’s great kauri forests (this film was made before kauri dieback disease became a major threat). Director Mathurin Molgat poses a solution to the tree’s survival: commercial harvest. He frames the film around Laurie Williams, who makes guitars from the wood. In this excerpt, musician Tiki Taane talks about Tāne Mahuta, and a tree is prepared for felling. The film screened at a number of festivals in the United States. 

Song of the Kauri tackles the universal politics of living on the tightrope between environmental sustainability and economic survival.
– Director Mathurin Molgat

Key Cast & Crew

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Annie Collins


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Dave Turnbull

Co-Producer, Technical Advisor

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Mathurin Molgat

Director, Producer, Composer

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Alan Hereford

Additional Camera

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Dave Cameron

Additional Camera

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Jeff Aldridge

Additional Camera

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Produced by

Mathurin Molgat


Mathurin Molgat