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  1. An interview from the Wellington regional news show.


This NZBC profile finds singer/songwriter Shona Laing as a 17-year-old in the seventh form (now year 13) at Hutt Valley High, distracted from study by an impending music career. Laing had shot to national prominence with her performances on the Studio One talent show, had a hit with her Henry Fonda-inspired single '1905' and supported American singer Lobo. She is already a guarded interviewee while her school mates are unsure what to make of her success. Lobo is effusive in his praise and there are performances of '1905' and Roberta Flack's 'Killing Me Softly'.


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Shonas a friend of mine and last year celebrated 40 years since she sung 1905 on new faces, check out this clip i did showcasing her 40 years. Http://

By the way does anyone have a copy of the video clip to Shonas "Drive Baby Drive" or "Caught"?

 Trevor Ayson

Trevor Ayson

Shona lives quietly now in the North Island. Read an article about her on the Stuff website a few months back....



Real cool ! What a great rendition of Killing Me Softly - mesmerising...And very 70s. What about the hair on those guys and the girls on the motorbike with no helmets.

 Kevin Dunkley

Kevin Dunkley

She was kinda neat. Eastbourne girl I think. Cool bit of nostalgia. Was thatdude in the suit Lobo who kept showing us the worn out souls of his shoes? I think he quite keen on her. She also sang with Manfred Mann's Earth band, Blinded by the Light. Where is she now?

 Theo Naziris

Theo Naziris

Yep, that's an excellent time piece on quality camera and exactly how I remember her and the times. Nice going.

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It’s just that I had this crush on Henry Fonda and it was worrying me so I wrote a song about it. It’s my outlet. It’s not so much personal experience. It’s just feelings. 
This girl has a magic. Like, we had a party last night and we were all just singing with a piano and she starts singing; and, I’m telling you, the room just quiets down. She has that type of voice that just takes over a room.