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Nola Luxford was one of the first Kiwi actors in Hollywood and a fondly remembered wartime club hostess. This documentary — made before renewed attention thanks to Carole Van Grondelle's definitive bio Angel of the Anzacs — sees Luxford bypass troubled times and adoration from author Zane Grey to recall decades in America. These encompassed pioneering radio work in the 30s and 40s, a film career, and most poignantly, her legendary World War II Anzac club that welcomed 35,000 soldiers to New York. There are also clips from her 1925 silent film The Prince of Pep.

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 Julienne Stretton
 Russell Hay
 Geoff Steven

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 Brian Walden

Brian Walden

A truly wonderful woman, not nearly as well know for her exploits as she should be. I tend to comment everytime I encourage someone to view this and tell me what they think ... usually they just marvel - Brian Walden

 Brian Walden

Brian Walden

Wonderful, interesting, emotional and passionate documentary about a truly great NZ woman. The entire Anzac collection is great journey for those that have the time and the un NZ thing in 2014, patience and desire.

Gaylene Preston should be picking this up as a film, it would need a se riously big budget as New York elemensts and stock foot age need to beccounted for. Susan Parker and Linda Fenwick are musts in Production with Grant Major and Michael O'Connor operating if not DOP for Leon Narbey. the rest is easy, the story is there for the telling.

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 Anzac Day Collection


To be a star was the dream of many a young girl in the 1920s. The movie industry had taken off. Thousands of young hopefuls poured into Hollywood.  
The Anzacs adored Nola. Through her intervention, a vast metropolis was made instantly personal and accessible. The New York media crowned her 'Angel of the Anzacs'. And Nola found herself listed in the World Who's Who and in successive volumes of Who's Who in New York.  
Nola made her final trip to New Zealand for the showing of (this) documentary...she was eighty-nine.