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Coming Home - Roger Donaldson & Steve Millen

Television (Full Length Episode) – 1999

Film director Roger Donaldson and motor racing legend Steve Millen both began making their mark in New Zealand, before making the move to California. The first Coming Home episode sees them at work in the USA, and visiting old haunts in Aotearoa. Donaldson shoots the effects-heavy Dante's Peak and prepares $100 million thriller Thirteen Days, while Millen hits the race track, in-between running his custom car parts company. Later he returns to the farm near Auckland, where his need for speed began on the family tractor. Donaldson heads to Auckland and Queenstown.

You name it, Steve drove it — any class, anywhere, any time. As long as it went fast.
– Narrator John Sumner, on Steve Millen

Key Cast & Crew

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Julie Christie

Writer, Producer

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Roger Donaldson


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John Carlaw

Producer, Director

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Sue Woodfield

Network Executive

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Rosemary Finlay

Line Producer

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Darren Tinkler

Pencil Camera

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Touchdown Productions