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This film showcases legendary running coach Arthur Lydiard's training methods through the example of his acolytes, including reigning Olympic 1,500m champ John Walker. 'Arthur's boys' (Snell, Halberg, Magee) scored attention by winning unheralded medals (two golds and a bronze) at the 1960 Rome Olympics. Lydiard later led the 'flying Finns' to similar success. His method revolves around building stamina to complement speed, and was influential in popularising jogging globally. Beautifully filmed, a doco highlight is Jack Foster's exhilarating scree slope descent.

Credits (8)

 Sparky Greene
 Peter Rachtman
 Gail  Werbin

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 Kate Foster

Kate Foster

This is fabulous - thanks for this. Our family never got a copy of this film, so it's great to see it. Regards the Foster Family - Kate

 Joe sanders

Joe sanders

A man ahead of his time.A true thinker and great coach!

 Jamie Sinclair

Jamie Sinclair

Run can also be spelled EFF YOU ENNN (FUN)

 Mario Oostendorp

Mario Oostendorp

John Walker was coached by Arch Jelly and not Arthur. I know this system works because I coach from this system.

 Allen Browning

Allen Browning

Thanks for making this movie. I was raised as a runner on the Lydiard method of training. Had the privilege of meeting Arthur when he was on tour selling his shoes in Cerritos, California, in about 1973. What a great man! Few of us can say we changed the world. Arthur Lydiard did!

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To be a good runner you’ve got to be able to force yourself through this [pain] barrier ... 
Let’s face it if I’m training 365 days a year twice a day, it’s not to run second or third. 
Initially the climb up to the top — the ridges and that — is pretty tough, but once you’re up there it’s exhilarating: swooping up and down the hills and zapping along under six minutes a mile. Running to me in the first instance, is fun. 
There’s no short cut to the top 
I always like to hose me legs off whether it’s a long run or a short run [...] somebody once told me they did it to race horses, so I figured if it was good enough for race horses it was good enough for me! 


1980 San Francisco International Film Festival
Best Sports Film