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Peter Snell, Athlete

Television (Full Length) – 1964

This NFU classic tells Peter Snell's story, up until just before his triumph at the Tokyo Olympics (he'd already won 800 metres gold in Rome, and beaten the world record for the mile). Snell's commentary — focused, candid — plays over footage of training and some of his key races. "It always gives a feeling of exhilaration to run in the New Zealand all black singlet." Snell offers insights into the marathon-style training of coach Arthur Lydiard (15 miles daily, 100 miles a week), and there's priceless footage of Snell running through bush and leaping fences in Auckland's Waiatarua hills. 

I was almost horrified at the pace of it actually, it was far too fast — far faster than I really wanted to do.
– Peter Snell after breaking the world record for the half mile in Christchurch, on 3 February 1962

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