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  1. The first of three excerpts from this episode of Our People Our Century.

  2. The second of three excerpts from this episode of Our People Our Century.

  3. The third of three excerpts from this episode of Our People Our Century.

  4. The credits from this episode of Our People Our Century.


This Philip Temple-scripted episode of Our People, Our Century covers stories of New Zealanders and their turangawaewae: a piece of land they call their own. The importance of the land to farming families, and to the economy of NZ is explored through the eyes of three families. Elworthy Station in South Canterbury is being farmed by a 5th generation Elworthy. Two elderly ladies reminisce on their childhood in remote Mangapurua, near Raetihi in the central North Island. And a Māori family in Taranaki reflects on their decision to sell the family farm. 

Credits (9)

 Julienne Stretton
 Ray Waru

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I always wanted to be a farmer. I was brought up on the land, and working with stock. I couldn’t stand being hemmed up in town. There’s nothing better than getting up in the morning and deciding what you’re going to do for the day. A lot of city people have that same thing [choice], but they're not out in the beautiful fresh air most of the time, and looking around ... it's brilliant. I wouldn't want to do anything else. 
Unless land is properly managed it could be of no use. Some of our people get overly emotional, I would say, about it ... fair enough. I don't get all that emotional [about it]. Land is there. You own it today and you die tomorrow. It stays there.