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  1. The first of three excerpts from this episode of Our People Our Century.

  2. The second of three excerpts from this episode of Our People Our Century.

  3. The third of three excerpts from this episode of Our People Our Century.

  4. The credits from this episode of Our People Our Century.


New Zealand is a nation that has been scarred by war: from the horrendous loss of lives at Gallipoli to the decimation of the 28th Māori Battalion, Kiwis have gone to war in their 1000s, and many have not returned. This Our People, Our Century edition explores the experiences of soldiers, and the families who waited at home. It also examines the long tradition of protest against war, from the anti-Vietnam movement to the more recent anti-nuclear protests. The script by Philip Temple, won a best documentary script award at the 2000 NZ TV Guide Television awards. 

Credits (9)

 Philip Temple
 Julienne Stretton
 Ray Waru

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Hi Irene Sorry about the belated reply. As Rememberance Day
is here for both our countries, the movie was filmed on ANZAC day
in New Zealand in 1966. It was a mammoth piece. I was a kid,
and Dad, was lying on the floor, just like he did as a soldier in World War II, (he was incarcerated in Stalag XVIIIC in Markt Pongau, survived it (somehow), and I think that the rock he engraved his name on was from when he and his mates were fighting 1941, in North African campaign. The movie I think was called The Great War or something like that. I was just a kid but my sister in law remembered it. Hope this helps. Kareen in Aust.

 Irene Gardiner

Irene Gardiner

Hi Kareen - can you give us a bit more info on what title you are referring to? We can't quite work out what it might be from your notes here. If you know an exact title or anything more, we might be able to track it down for you...



I am seeking out the war movie on ANZAC 1966, which showed
New Zealand soldiers (including my late DaD), in Tobruk and North Africa during World War II. According to my late Dad's military history, (the good bit!), he engraved his initials John Hector Augustine Mudford on a rock in North Africa, which made it a war time historical movie. And am wondering if the movies is available to watch?

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I don't really remember hearing Mum and Dad grieving together over these losses. People became inured to it ... I mean there wasn't a day when somebody's son or somebody's brother, or some man wasn't being killed. And even the pictures of them in the weekly news [were] ... just another casualty list. 


1999 TV Guide Television Awards
Best Factual Programme or Documentary Script: Philip Temple