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  1. A short film directed by Jonathan Brough.

  2. Credits from this short film.


"A social satire about an entire Antipodean generation, comfortable with what it knows best." London, party-time, 1983. A group of young New Zealanders travel to the other end of the world to drink, play Kiwi music, search for shelter, and talk about other New Zealanders. Scripted by playwright Fiona Bartlett this ambitious OE story plays out in a single ten minute shot - three takes were printed. Director Jonathan Brough later directed episodes of Outrageous Fortune, The Pretender and short film No Ordinary Sun.

Credits (10)

 Jonathan Brough
 Fiona Bartlett
 Bronwyn Bradley

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 Si Fi

Si Fi

Brilliant! (from a Brit, married to a Kiwi, living in NZ)

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