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Cal Wilson

Comedian, Actor

Christchurch-born, Australian-based Cal Wilson began her career as an actor, but is best known for her comedy work. The co-founder of world champion theatresports team The Court Jesters, she co-won the inaugural Billy T comedy award in 1997. Wilson has made frequent appearances on television, including a host of comedy shows on both sides of the Tasman (Pulp Comedy, Have You Been Paying Attention?). Wilson wrote for Kiwi sitcom Willy Nilly and co-presented late 90s youth show The Drum. In 2019, she was one of two Kiwi comedians invited to perform on Netflix stand-up series Comedians of the World.

After a while, they just decided they were tired of hearing from us, and they just pelted us with chicken drumsticks until we left … And so we just leave under a hail of chicken fire ... it's like Saving Private Ryan but with chicken drumsticks instead of bullets. I mean, if we'd thought more clearly, we would've caught some so we could've had something to eat on the way home. Cal Wilson on her worst comedy gig (at a chicken factory), in her extended interview for 2019 TV series Funny As: The Story of New Zealand Comedy