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The series Pounamu focused on the lives and deeds of Māori who played vital roles in the history of Aotearoa, including Te Kooti, Te Puea, Te Whiti, Āpirana Ngata, Guide Rangi and others. Made by the Māori Programmes Department of TVNZ, this episode features a re-enactment of part of the life of Prophet Tahupōtiki Wiremu Rātana (1873 - 1939). Ratana was a key influence in Māori politics and religion. For years virtually all Māori MPs were followers of the Ratana faith and supported the Labour Party on his instruction. The influence of Rātana remains strong.


A Perspective by Whai Ngata 12.06.2009

The Pounamu series was produced and broadcast in 1992 by the Māori Programmes Department of TVNZ, using some people from the Marae and ...

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Credits (3)

 Morehu McDonald
 Robin Kora
 Dermot McNeillage

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Comments (6)

 Marise Burkett

Marise Burkett

Brilliant although I have walked a different path since a teenager I have never forgotten my faith as a Ratana .Ratana first.

 henry pairama

henry pairama

enjoyed it very much . Il loved to know more about my faith to . I love my faith and always will . iv been playing in the reo for about 13 years now and enjoyed it heaps to (te reo o ratana te tuatoru) . ild never ever leave my faith for another awesome documentary . and I was born on 18th of march to 1992 . and in 1918 , 18th march was when the whales where washed up . that's awesome to know as well . kapai . . mangai hei awhina hei tautoko mai aienei akenei ae !!!

 a ratapu

a ratapu

Well done, there are some facts that seem different, but overall it was a good presentation.



Id like to know more about Ratana . My religion is Ratana . ki Kaikohe , Te Taitokerau, no te kotahitanga . I have little knowlegde about Ratana, through books, and readings, of his own. Is there anyone else te haahi Ratana today that can undergo the same mahi as Ratana did? Secondly , how do I go about joining the Ratana ministry. Ever since I was a kid , I always wanted to be an Apotoro.



I now have a deeper understanding, appreciation and clarity of what the faith and movement are about.

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