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Ambitious kids' sci fi series Space Knights pitched the King Arthur myth into a zany universe of Knights of the Round Space Station, Vader-esque villains, rainbow rocket exhaust, and laser lance jousting. The distinctive look of this early South Pacific Pictures series — like a picture book come to life — was led by cartoonist Chris Slane who achieved it by using actors in life-size puppet suits and blue screen effects. In this excerpt, the evil Mordread creates an android Trojan horse to infiltrate Castle Spacelot. The 'Space Junk' theme song is by Dave Dobbyn.

Credits (22)

 Chris Bailey
 Ross Jennings
 Martin Howells

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Comments (7)



I miss this show.
Such fond memories of my childhood.
It still holds itself up against the majority of trash children are watching.



We have the Space Junk theme on EP !



This show should be released on DVD.

Does anybody know where to find "Space Junk" by Dave Dobbyn? It's not on any of his albums (as far as I know), unfortunately.

 Kim Baker

Kim Baker | website

Hi Jay, the information we have is that this title is not available on DVD. Try contacting South Pacific Pictures directly.



Where can I buy the series of this? I'd love to see if my young fulla would take to it like I did as a kid.

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The Space Knights shall fall, and at last I shall be ... master of the universe! 
A strange machine from the rubbish tip / Made of tin and silicon chip / Don’t be fooled by metal skin / You have a heart and soul within ...