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The Gravy - Series Four, Episode One (Taranaki) Television – 2009 Documentary Magazine Arts/Culture

The Gravy - Series Four, Episode One (Taranaki)

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Little Bushman muso Warren Maxwell goes west in this edition of The Gravy, to meet a trio of artists creating work in the shadow of Mt Taranaki. Waru Wharehoka, an autistic painter, makes abstract works, is obsessed with weapons and zombies, and takes Maxwell on a paddle beneath New Plymouth. Assemblage artist Dale Copeland scavenges plane wrecks on the mountain and dead friend's teeth for her art. And photographer Fiona Clark discusses why she used colour film to snap her controversial 1975 drag queen images, and using a photo to help save the Waitara River.

So Lycra-clothed skinheads: you’ve got the best chance of defending yourselves against the zombies …?
– Warren Maxwell gets zombie defence advice from Waru Wharehoka