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Showcasing the droll dialogue between Conchord Jemaine Clement and animator Guy Capper, Schedule is one of a series of shorts in which two sheep — Robert and Sheepy — ruminate on the ovine issues that really matter eg. tyre humping and ghost sheep. Here the daily schedule is discussed, including the menu selection (grass). After Capper animated the first Robert and Sheepy short in 2001, an Australasian Nescafe Short Film Award helped spur occasional further entries in the woolly yarn canon, culminating with these appearances on 2010 sketch show Radirahirah.

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 Guy Capper
 Tim Capper

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Love it.



I work in Animal Welfare - loving this!!! Thanks made my afternoon!

 S. Gray

S. Gray

I love these clips! Great work guys.

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Clement acted in, and Guy Capper animated for this film

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