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This TVNZ doco captures the early days of NewstalkZB shortly after Radio New Zealand has gambled on relaunching it with an all talk format. Previous breakfast host Merv Smith has taken most of his audience to rival Radio i. His replacement is Paul Holmes, former king of the Wellington airwaves, grappling to make an impact in Auckland. Competition amongst the stations is cut-throat but Holmes is the focal point here. He’s under pressure and surrounded by a battery of often conflicting opinions. By 1988 he'd hauled the show from ninth to second in the ratings.

Credits (8)

 Keith Hunter
 Bill Saunders
 Guy Phillips

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You don't mind giving away a social life because nothing in that social life will be as interesting as those few hours in the morning. 
They're matching us. Step by step by step. We’re the original. They're the copy. That's why they're going to have a very, very hard time taking us out of the game. 
I've seen grown men cry like babies over ratings. 
Part of the job is going out on a limb, too. You're not protected by a much. You’re treading a tightrope every day and there’s a thrill in that.