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This NFU newsreel is a wide-ranging look at ‘the national game’ in 1966. A muddy potted history (scored to rugby folk song ‘On the Ball’) rakes from the age grades to a Ranfurly Shield match, to the apex: the All Blacks. Ex-All Black fullback Bob Scott talks about the need for ‘four stone bantams’ to enjoy the game, while fellow AB Don ‘The Boot’ Clarke discusses the problems for a country player; Wellington College’s 1st XV plays a ‘traditional’ against Nelson in front of a mass haka on the terraces; and club players opine on why they play (“it’s a manly game”).

Credits (5)

 John Cooper
 Oxley Hughan
 Geoffrey Scott

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... the early settlers, after years of trying many games, adopted the sport of rugby. It apparently appealed to the temperament of these rugged pioneers, for it quickly grew in popularity as a relaxation after a hard week’s work. 
After the game you’re all such jolly good friends afterwards you don’t really realise you’ve been belting somebody else round. Because of this it gives you a better outlook on life: you don’t go down the street possibly looking for a fight in particular ... you’ve already had it in a sense on a rugby field. 
I feel that rugby offers a natural outlet for a boy’s natural aggressiveness. All boys are to some extent aggressive and rugby allows them to work it off in some sort of catharsis. Rugby does enhance the prestige of the school and indirectly helps the morale and the tone of the school.