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Hero image for Men of the Silver Fern - A Winning Reputation (1870 - 1924)

Men of the Silver Fern - A Winning Reputation (1870 - 1924)

Television (Full Length Episode) – 1993

Men of the Silver Fern was a four-part celebration of all things All Black, made in 1992 for the centenary of the NZRFU (now known as New Zealand Rugby). This first episode covers the early period from when Charles Monro kicked off the sport in NZ in Nelson on 14 May 1870, through the establishment of rules, provincial unions and the New Zealand Rugby Football Union. The programme surveys the front-running international tours — from the 1884 Flaxlanders to the 1888 Natives, 1905 Originals and 1924 Invincibles — where the All Blacks’ "winning reputation" was forged.

The Natives won 80 out of their 108 games, and established New Zealand's reputation in Britain as a great rugby playing nation. But their success only complicated things back home in New Zealand...
– From the narration

Key Cast & Crew

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Keith Quinn

Producer, Interviewer

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Lloyd Scott


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Peter Coates

Producer, Writer, Interviewer, Director

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Ces Blazey


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Ivan Vodanovich


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Jonathon Hendry

As: Billy Wallace

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