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User Friendly Film – 1990 Comedy

User Friendly

Film – 1990 Comedy

M Mature
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A dog-goddess effigy possessing aphrodisiac powers is the quarry for a cast of oddball pursuers in this caper comedy — from a cosmetics tycoon to a duo of doctors using retirees as guinea pigs in a quest for eternal youth. The dog's handler is geeky Billy, aided by his girlfriend Gus and their bull terrier Cyclops. The chaotic Auckland romp was the debut feature for Gregor Nicholas (he would go on to helm acclaimed short Avondale Dogs and feature film Broken English). This excerpt features a take on Space Odyssey's docking scene, as interpreted by Benny Hill. 

Gregor Nicholas’ first feature, User Friendly, is an exuberant romp of a kind that turns the caper genre into Gothic gavotte. It has many sly and stylish black delights and other, often flamboyant, invention.
– Mike Nicolaidi, Variety