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Hey Paris

Short Film (Full Length) – 1987

Parental Guidance

This collaboration between dancer Douglas Wright and director Gregor Nicholas was one of a series of music and movement-based films that established Nicholas’ reputation. A dramatised film noir sequence leads to a cross-dressing dance duel between Wright and Debbie McCulloch, shifting between an Orwellian cityscape and a retro nightclub. Wright choreographs the bodies, and Nicholas the bold and sensual visual rhythms (shot by Stuart Dryburgh). Nicholas went on to direct high profile commercials and big screen romance Broken English. Wright  died in November 2018. 

...part documentary, part stylised drama. It is an adaptation of a dancer rather than a documentary about a performance. Nicholas and Wright have been friends for several years but they only got talking about this project recently in New York where the dancer was working and where the filmmaker was receiving an award.
– Writer Barbara Rogers in The NZ Herald's Faces column, 7 December 1987 (before filming)

Key Cast & Crew

Profile image for Douglas Wright

Douglas Wright

Choreographer, Dancer

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Trevor Haysom


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Stuart Dryburgh


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Gregor Nicholas

Director, Producer

Generic Profile image for Claire Buoyant

Claire Buoyant

As: Feuding Woman

Generic Profile image for Michael J Cox

Michael J Cox

As: Feuding Man

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Produced by

Film Konstruktion


Made with support from the Queen Elizabeth ll Arts Council, TVNZ and the NZ Film Commission


'Omega' composed by Albert and Donald Ayler, and performed by the Albert Ayler Quintet

'Beale St Blues' composed by WC Hardy, and performed by Al Hirt and his Dixieland Orchestra

'Study no 2' composed by Conlon Nancarrow, and performed by Conlon Nancarrow and Player Piano