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Mike King presents the story of Gustavus Von Tempsky: swashbuckling colonial soldier of fortune, "flamboyant folk hero" and "our first pin up boy". The Prussian-born artist, self-promoter, romantic and adventurer, led an elite unit - the Forest Rangers - in the 1860s New Zealand Wars, garbed in trademark Garibaldi shirt, kilt and calvary sabre. His bush-fighting skill attracted respect from Māori foes, who named him "manu rau" (many birds); but also controversy after an infamous raid. He met his demise fighting guerilla leader Titokowaru.


The Director's Perspective by John Milligan 02.05.2009

I came across Gustavus Ferdinand Von Tempsky in my reading about The New Zealand Wars and was struck by the way many history writers (or re-writers!) had so strongly condemned him. It was as if he had become the scapegoat of all the Pākehā guilt ...

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Credits (6)

 John Milligan
 Patrick Monaghan
 Mike McCree

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 Tony Robb

Tony Robb

Great Doco...Its about time Peter Jackson looked into this Incredible man,I hope to see some type of monument in Wellington one day...ALL Countries need Heroes,NZ has its First

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 Bright Spark Television


 Bright Spark Television


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