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The pressure is on as contestants from Kirkwood, St Bernard’s and Remuera intermediate schools compete in the 1980 final of this children’s quiz show. Future MP, minister and Speaker of the House, Lockwood Smith asks the questions, assisted by Relda Familton (a National Radio overnight host until her death in 1995). The finalists, competing for a state of the art colour TV, are quizzed on subjects including geometry, the years 6 BC to 30 AD, Shakespeare quotations, deserts, anatomy, historic England and, appropriately for the quizmaster, cabinet ministers.

Credits (5)

 Ian Cumming
 Max Cryer
 Jim Hailes

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I competed on the show in 1986, which was the last year it was broadcast (I think). Our quiz master was Peter Hawes. I won two heats, then lost the regional (CHCH) final to a kid who went on to the national final and won. My prizes were a bit lame by today's standards: a big digital watch and a chunky digital alarm clock. Aaaaand I managed to top the "nerd" status by slapping myself in the face when missing an easy question. Yep, good way to earn cool points (not).



I'm looking for the piano sheet music from the show theme. Can anyone help me there?



Enjoyed this show as a kid. Some of those questions were really hard--how many Intermediate kids knew Latin phrases and Shakespeare's plays?
Even less would know today…
The show was low-key but entertaining all the same, not like the totally over the top quiz shows we get today. Thanks for sharing this.



This was one of my favourite shows growing up.



This show was awesome - I still have my Oxford Concise Dictionary signed by Selwyn Toogood from December 1983.

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Ray Columbus always used to say he recommended me for W3 because I was one of the only people he'd ever seen who could smile broadly and talk at the same time. 
At this point he gets very secretive. “I am very fascinated with politics”. And with his current list of credits and successes there would seem to be little to keep Mr Smith from a political career. 
In this tight scoring ... there’s not a bee’s sneeze in it.