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  3. Part three of three from this full length episode.

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What Now? is a long-running entertainment show for primary school-aged children. Live to air on weekend mornings since 1981, it is a Kiwi kids' TV institution. This Christmas Special sees presenters Simon Barnett, Jason 'The Ace' Gunn, and Cath McPherson larking it up with guests (Cath's Scottish Uncle Bob, Constable Keith and Sniff the Dog, The Wizard of Christchurch, the NZ 'Young Guns' cricket team) and in oddball summer and Christmas tales. Eddie and Fifi do decorative DIY. Check out the stone-wash denim and Barnett's frosted tips and lycra shorts.


A Perspective by Annie Simon 23.04.2010

What Now? has always been about having fun, with a little bit of learning thrown in. The key to the programme's longevity is that it reinvents itself constantly to keep up with the latest popular culture, games and technology relevant to ...

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Credits (15)

 Keith Tyler-Smith
 Alasdair Kincaid
 Kaye Eagle

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I'd like to know the names of backing music on what now. There's one track in particular but I'm not sure what it is



holy cow man!!!



what ever happened to Cath? She was the best presenter _ever_! n I'm sure theres a bit missing between clip 2 & 3...

 Patrick TePou

Patrick TePou | website

This year, What Now celebrates 30 years on air. The Christmas 1991 episode, hosted by Catherine McPherson and Simon Barnett, was a fantastic one to watch.

 Paul Ward

Paul Ward | website

@Lorna, well-picked up. Steve was actually presenter of Sale of the Century - we've amended the error in the background.

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