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This isn't an apartheid manual or minimalist design code, but a 1952 road safety film from the National Film Unit. The film follows 'Mrs White' and 'Mrs Black' leaving their respective homes (on foot) for a bridge evening. Mrs White wears visible clothing and faces the traffic (would a modern colour remake see a Mrs Fluoro?). Mrs Black dresses eponymously and walks with her back to the traffic. Predictable results ensue. Modern viewers who associate such character names with Reservoir Dogs will not be disappointed by the suspenseful denouement.

Credits (5)

 Michael Forlong
 Lex Alcock
 Claude Wickstead

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 Better Safe than Sorry


Only one of these women will come home. 
Mrs White’s ready to go. Well she will be once she’s seen that Mr White doesn’t drop ash on the carpet and has given him a wifely kiss.