Turning Up the Volume

Auckland Museum's Volume exhibition told the story of Kiwi pop music. It's time to turn the speakers up to 11, for NZ On Screen's biggest collection yet. Turning Up the Volume showcases NZ music and musicians. Drill down into playlists of favourite artists and topics (look for the orange labels). Plus NZOS Content Director Kathryn Quirk on NZ music on screen

Radio with Pictures

Television, 1976–1988


Television, 1967–1969

Split Enz - Spellbound

Television, 1993 (Full Length)

The Flying Nun Collection


Television, 2002 (Full Length)

Ten Guitars

Television, 1996 (Full Length)

Homegrown Profiles

Television, 2005

Celebrating Bic


Television, 1999

The Secret Life of John Rowles

Television, 2008 (Full Length)

The Māori Strum

Don't Let it Get You

Film, 1966 (Trailer and Excerpts)

Making Music - Te Waihanga Pūoro

Short Film, 2005

Neil Finn

Sir Howard Morrison Collection

Fat Freddy's Drop - Based on a True Story

Television, 2006 (Full Length)

Classic Kiwi Music Festivals

That's Country

Television, 1980–1984

Ready to Roll

Television, 1975–2001

Sharon O'Neill - Taking the Whole World On

Prince Tui Teka - 1983 Variety Show

Television, 1983 (Full Length Episode)

Te Reo Music on the Airwaves

The Hello Sailor Collection

Eyewitness - Punk

Television, 1978 (Full Length Episode)

Dave Dobbyn - The Troubadour

Aotearoa Hip Hop

Intermediate Schools Battle of the Bands - Lorde excerpt

Television, 2009 (Excerpts)

Finn for a Day

Television, 2001 (Full Length)

Shona Laing - Venerable Tui

The Power of Music (Te Kaha o Te Waiata)

Short Film, 1988 (Full Length)

Grunt Machine

Television, 1975–1976

Silver Scrolls

Bill Sevesi's Dream

Television, 2011 (Full Length)

Nambassa Festival

Television, 1979 (Full Length)

Don McGlashan - The Don

Poi E

Patea Māori Club, Music Video, 1984

Five Decades of NZ Number One Hits

Heavenly Pop Hits - The Flying Nun Story

Television, 2002 (Full Length)

The Chris Knox Collection

Sir Howard Morrison - Time of My Life

Television, 1995 (Full Length)

Sweet As

Television, 1999 (Full Length)

Freedom to Sing – NZ Protest Songs

Mai Time

Television, 1995–2007


Th' Dudes - Right Second Time

Television, 2007 (Full Length)

The Chills

The Topp Twins: Untouchable Girls

Film, 2009 (Trailer and Excerpts)

When the Cat's Away

Television, 1987 (Full Length)

Dragon - Full Moon and Thunder

Blerta Revisited

Film, 2001 (Full Length)


Television, 1984–1986

Maple on the Hill - The Untold Story of the Tumbleweeds

Short Film, 1988 (Full Length)

Hip Hop New Zealand

Television, 2003 (Excerpts)

Nesian Mystik - For the People

Television, 2005 (Excerpts)

Good Day - The Music and Record Industry

Television, 1978 (Full Length)

Numero Bruno

Television, 2000 (Full Length)

Lew Pryme - Welcome to my World

Television, 1990 (Full Length)

Nathan Haines Family Album

Television, 2005 (Full Length)

The Country Touch

Television, 1968–1970

Celebrating The Exponents


Television, 1972–1974

Shihad - Beautiful Machine

Film, 2012 (Trailer, Excerpts, and Extras)

Through the Eyes of Love

Television, 1998 (Excerpts)

What Now? - Kimbra excerpt

Television, 2001 (Excerpts)

True Colours - First Episode

Television, 1986 (Full Length)

Queen City Rocker

Film, 1986 (Excerpts)

Poi E: The Story of Our Song

Film, 2016 (Trailer)

John Rowles, Ladies and Gentlemen

Television, 1969 (Full Length)


Television, 1982–1987

Kiwi Songbirds

Should I Be Good?

Film, 1985 (Full Length)

Kaleidoscope - Decade of the Enz

Television, 1983 (Full Length Episode)

Let's Go

Television, 1964–1966

Pokarekare Ana - A Māori Love Song

Television, 2002 (Full Length)

Ray Columbus - The Modernist

Finn Family Tree

Have a Shot - 1964 Final

Television, 1964 (Full Length)