Snow collects together titles celebrating the scenic, recreational and spiritual call of New Zealand's mountains and ice. They include retro ski classics Flare and Off the Edge, Sir Ed saga Kaipo Wall, and NZ's first Oscar nominated film Snows of Aorangi. The collection features everything from ski ballet, Middle Earth glaciers and mountain parrots, to polar ice-fishing. 

Mount Cook - Footsteps to the Sky

Television, 1994 (Full Length)

Wild September Snow

Short Film, 1969 (Full Length)

Across the Main Divide

Short Film, 1984 (Full Length)

Turn of the Century

Television, 1987 (Full Length)

Incredible Mountains

Short Film, 1983 (Full Length)

The Adventure World of Graeme Dingle - Episode Five

Television, 1983 (Full Length Episode)

The Years Back - 12, The Big Ice (Episode 12)

Television, 1973 (Full Length Episode)

Off the Edge

Film, 1977 (Excerpts)

The Adventure World of Sir Edmund Hillary - The Kaipo Wall (Part One)

Television, 1974 (Full Length)

Kea - Mountain Parrot

Television, 1993 (Full Length)

The Glacier Climbers

Short Film, 1964 (Full Length)

Emperors of Antarctica

Television, 1992 (Full Length)

Journeys in National Parks: Westland / Aoraki

Television, 1987 (Full Length)

Journey for Three

Film, 1950 (Full Length)

Holiday for Susan

Short Film, 1962 (Full Length)

Under the Ice

Television, 1989 (Full Length)

United Travel Getaway - Clarke Gayford and Hayley Holt in Lake Wakitipu

Television, 2008 (Excerpts)

Flare - A Ski Trip

Short Film, 1977 (Full Length)

The Leading Edge

Film, 1987 (Full Length)

Snows of Aorangi

Short Film, 1955 (Full Length)

No Mean Feat

Television, 2002 (Full Length)

Young Mountains

Television, 1992 (Full Length)

Extraordinary Kiwis - Clarke in Antarctica

Television, 2008 (Full Length)

Hillary Returns

Short Film, 1953 (Full Length)

Weekly Review No. 267 - Winter Sports at Mount Cook

Short Film, 1946 (Full Length)

Wildlife of the Mountains

Short Film, 1958 (Full Length)

The Snowline is Their Boundary

Short Film, 1955 (Full Length)

Tongariro National Park

Short Film, 1951 (Full Length)

ICE - Mortality (Episode Four)

Television, 2007 (Excerpts)

Weekly Review No. 416 - Prelude to Aspiring

Short Film, 1949 (Full Length)