The Bruno Lawrence Collection

  • NZ's leading leading man

    Sunday Star Times film critic Barney McDonald analyses Bruno's charms: "the only New Zealand actor who consistently unsettles me". Read >
  • An enduring symbol of NZ cinema

    Screenwriter Keith Aberdein reflects: "without him I doubt that there would be that rather vague thing we call the New Zealand film industry." Read >
  • "the man, the artist, the naughty, needy boy, the bloody genius ..."

    Steve La Hood candidly muses on the experience of filming his acclaimed biography of the contradictory character that was ‘Bruno’. Read >
  • Over the ditch and on the Frontline

    Lawrence’s career also includes many Ocker roles, most famously in Frontline. Check out Australian Screen titles tagged with ‘Bruno’. Watch >
  • Where's Bruno?

    The prolific, multi-talented Mr Lawrence took on roles from Crocodiles' drummer to last man on earth. Have we missed any classic Bruno? Suggest a title >