The Tony Williams Collection

  • Challenging conventions

    Filmmaker Michael Heath reflects on his collaborations with Williams and NZ film champion Lindsay Shelton looks over his career. Read >
  • NZ On Screen biography

    Biography on "arguably the finest" documentary-essayist in the history of New Zealand filmmaking. (Lawrence McDonald). Read >
  • "Can you guarantee me this won't backfire?"

    Williams tells the colourful behind the scenes stories of his many films and ads, including convincing the suits to do Bugger. Watch >
  • Make 'em Laugh

    A 2006 print interview in which Williams traverses 40 years of making commercials and gives his recipe for making great ads. Read >
  • Cowboys of Culture

    In part two of this Kiwi 70s film renaissance doco, Williams discusses his Pacific Films apprenticeship and making Solo. Watch >
  • Breaking Barriers

    Williams discusses his formative time at Pacific Films in clips two and three of this John O’Shea tribute. Watch >
  • Acknowledgements

    Many thanks to Tony Williams, Michael Heath, Lindsay Shelton, Craig Walters, the Film Archive, and the many rights holders and custodians who have made this collection possible.