Top 40 NZ TV Classics

  • “... the glue that bound us together as a modest nation”

    Barney McDonald channel surfs 50 years of Kiwi TV, looking at the shows as notches on both a personal and national growth chart. Read More >
  • Reading the News

    Compiled especially by NZ On Screen this is a showcase of early newsreaders, from Bill Toft's BBC plum to Richard and Judy. Watch >
  • The early years

    This doco sees Dougal Stevenson revisit TV’s first 15 years - from its 1960 NZBC birth to double channel-spawning puberty in 1975. Watch >
  • Beyond a Joke

    This doco surveys Kiwi TV humour and features dollops of classic comedy moments from over the years: from Fred Dagg, to Funny Business. Watch >
  • Roger Horrocks: A History of TV

    A precis of the screen-scape: from black and white beginnings, and public service vs commercial debates, to the internet. Read More >
  • Acknowledgement

    This collection would not be possible without the ongoing help of TVNZ and the TVNZ Archive. Many thanks to our colleagues at both these organisations.