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Brian Edwards: TV current affairs legend...

Brian Edwards: TV current affairs legend...

Interviews - 2011

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Veteran broadcaster Brian Edwards is an Irish import who made a big impact on New Zealand current affairs television. He was first seen on the 1960s regional programme Town and Around, but soon made a name for himself as a no-nonsense interviewer on Gallery. It was on that show he helped bring about the end of a union dispute with the Post Office while live on air. His bi-weekly TV show Edwards on Saturday followed, and after a controversial start, was a ratings hit. Later, Edwards helped start up the long-running consumer rights TV show Fair Go, and hosted the popular Top of the Morning on Radio New Zealand.

In this ScreenTalk, Edwards talks about:

  • How being on Town and Around saved him from being a miserable academic
  • Getting a reputation for being an ‘aggressive interviewer’ on Gallery
  • Creating a political spat after naming SIS agents on the programme
  • Having a pivotal role in solving the infamous Post Office strike
  • Insulting just about every sector of society in the first episode of Edwards on Saturday
  • How Fair Go changed the rules of television by naming and shaming ‘baddies’
  • Why he thinks the new look Fair Go has lost its community appeal
  • Not enjoying doing the live show Edwards at Large
  • Great current affairs now being marginalised on television

This video is available on YouTube to embed and distribute via a Creative Commons licence.

Credits: Interview, Camera and Editing - Andrew Whiteside