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Catherine Saunders: On generous figures, genuine advice, and gyms...

Catherine Saunders: On generous figures, genuine advice, and gyms...

Interviews - 2012

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Catherine Saunders has had a long career in both broadcasting and PR. She began her media career as a radio announcer in 1961 and produced a number of radio documentaries before crossing over to television as a continuity announcer. In the mid 60s, Saunders was a reporter on the regional news programme Town and Around. She was also a panelist on Beauty and the Beast for 12 years, and co-hosted the chat show Saunders and Sinclair. In the 90s, Saunders hosted 50 Forward with Gordon McLauchlan - a show aimed at older viewers.

In this ScreenTalk, Saunders talks about:

  • Doing 'silly' stories on the regional news show Town and Around
  • Working with intelligent articulate women
  • How female presenters today have thin waists and perky breasts
  • Shooting three weeks of shows in a day on Beauty and the Beast
  • Tackling controversial topics on the show and offering serious advice
  • How the audience didn't want advice from men on the show
  • Working with the genius that was host Selwyn Toogood
  • Being surprised by a mass protest on the chat show Saunders and Sinclair
  • The reason co-host Geoff Sinclair left the show
  • Having fun at a gym with Gordon McLauchlan on 50 Forward

This video is available on YouTube to embed and distribute via a Creative Commons licence.

Interview, Camera and Editing – Andrew Whiteside