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Peter Salmon: Directing on both sides of the Tasman…

Peter Salmon: Directing on both sides of the Tasman…

Interviews - 2016

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Peter Salmon is a Kiwi drama director with a trans-Tasman career. He began with a series of well-received short films: Playing Possum, Letters About the Weather, and Fog. Since then Salmon has directed a number of TV dramas in both New Zealand (Being Eve, Outrageous Fortune, This is Not My Life, Nothing Trivial); and Australia (Mr and Mrs Murder, Secrets and Lies, Offspring).

In this ScreenTalk, Salmon talks about:

  • The excitement of early screenings of his short film Playing Possum
  • Feeling clueless as a director on Being Eve
  • Thinking the short film Fog looked almost too perfect visually
  • The challenges of joining Outrageous Fortune in its fourth season
  • Creating a future world on a low budget on This is Not My Life
  • The awkwardness of directing his girlfriend Morgana O'Reilly during a sex scene on Nothing Trivial
  • Getting his break in Australia, directing on Mr and Mrs Murder
  • Feeling like a fanboy while directing episodes of Offspring
  • Being kept in the dark about ‘whodunnit’ on Secrets and Lies

This video was first uploaded on 4 July 2016, and is available on YouTube to embed and distribute via this Creative Commons licence.

Interview, Camera and Editing – Andrew Whiteside