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Kerosene Creek Short Film (Full Length) – 2004 Drama Māori

Kerosene Creek

Short Film (Full Length) – 2004 Drama Māori

PG Parental Guidance
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One summer’s day, teenaged Jayde (Atarangi Manley) and Wiremu (Darcey-Ray Flavell-Hudson) tag along with their older siblings on a trip to a local swimming hole; young passions ignite by the Rotorua hot pool. Later, tragedy occurs and Jayde faces lost innocence and the ritual of tangi while bearing a secret. Michael Bennett’s short — cutting between Jayde’s experience of the day and its aftermath — was shot in his Te Arawa home environs. It won selection for the 2005 Berlin Film Festival; 'Mu' was an early role for Flavell-Hudson (Mt Zion, Ghost Chips ad fame).

As a Māori writer and director, this film provided a unique opportunity to explore one of the most significant foundations of Māori custom, the tangi, the profoundly cathartic rites of tribute and farewell to the Dead. But on another level, the film is an exploration of Life – of that unique moment between childhood and adulthood, between innocence and sexuality, when a realm of exciting and confusing possibilities is opening before a young person’s eyes
– Michael Bennett