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Hero image for Rachel Jean: Documentaries, dramas and being a network exec...

Rachel Jean: Documentaries, dramas and being a network exec...

Interview – 2011

Rachel Jean has produced and/or directed over 40 documentaries, made award-winning drama and film, and set up and run production company Isola Productions. Jean moved from producing and directing to the role of Head of Drama and Comedy at TV3, and now works at South Pacific Pictures.

In this ScreenTalk, Jean talks about:

  • Details of her early work at Frame Up Films
  • How feature film Memory and Desire was conceived
  • Hilarious and embarrassing moments during filming of Love Mussel
  • The joys of spending her pregnancy on the floor and laughing while helping write Secret Agent Men
  • How The Market came about, and its intriguing production philosophy
  • An insight into the making of her documentary Life, Death and a Lung Transplant about her husband’s Cystic Fibrosis and lung transplant
  • Her most satisfying achievements as Head of Drama and Comedy at TV3
This video was first uploaded on 19 April 2011, and is available under this Creative Commons licence. This licence is limited to use of ScreenTalk interview footage only and does not apply to any video content and photographs from films, television, music videos, web series and commercials used in the interview.
Interview, Camera & Editing – James Coleman