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Hero image for RNZ Interview: The Governor - Keith Aberdein & Trisha Dunleavy

RNZ Interview: The Governor - Keith Aberdein & Trisha Dunleavy

Interview – 2022

This NZ Screen History interview takes a look at a cultural juggernaut from the mid-1970s, The Governor. It was the first ever local series that cost over $1million to make — a staggering amount of money in 1975. Writer Keith Aberdein joins Wallace Chapman from Australia to discuss the show and how it was made. Also joining the discussion is film and television historian from Victoria University, Dr Trisha Dunleavy, who has written extensively about The Governor, including in her book — Ourselves in Primetime.

This audio interview was recorded for RNZ National's NZ Screen History series, which aired in 2021 as part of Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan. The content is copyright to RNZ, and may not be reproduced from NZ On Screen.