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The Making of The Governor

Television (Full Length) – 1977

This documentary chronicles Kiwi television's first historical epic: 1977 George Grey miniseries The Governor. Presenter Ian Johnstone looks at how the show reconstructed 19th century Aotearoa, and handled the battle scenes. The footage provides a fascinating snapshot of a young industry starting to think big. Also examined is The Governor's place in changing attitudes to race and history during the 1970s. Among those interviewed are writer Keith Aberdein and producer Tony Isaac, actors Don Selwyn and Brit Corin Redgrave, and some of the Māori extras working on the battle scenes. Aberdein writes about The Governor here

For God’s sake let’s stop being smug about this place we live in — we didn’t make such a great job of it.
– Governor scriptwriter Keith Aberdein