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Chris Knox: In conversation with Roger Shepherd, part two

Chris Knox: In conversation with Roger Shepherd, part two

Interviews - 2009

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Chris Knox's music career began with legendary Dunedin punk band The Enemy, followed by post-punk heroes Toy Love, then the Tall Dwarfs and his own solo work. Knox has appeared as a film reviewer on arts TV shows The Edge and Backch@t, and hosted the series The New Artland. He was also the man behind the long-running Max Media cartoon strip in the NZ Herald. As a singer-songwriter and music video director, Knox was known as a pioneer of lo-tech, DIY classics. For this special two-part ScreenTalk interview, Flying Nun founder Roger Shepherd chatted with Knox about his life and career.

In this ScreenTalk, Knox talks about:

  • Knox moving from appearing in music videos to directing his own with the Tall Dwarfs' Nothing's Gonna Happen
  • Making the video for the Tall Dwarfs' Turning Brown and Torn in Two
  • Making the video for his solo classic Not Given Lightly
  • Becoming a film reviewer on TV arts shows The Edge and Backch@t
  • Moving into television presenting, with an episode of Intrepid Journeys, and the series The New Artland
  • Knox's long-running cartoon strip Max Media

This video is available on YouTube for distribution via a Creative Commons licence.

Interview - Roger Shepherd. Direction - Clare O’Leary. Camera and Editing - Leo Guerchmann