Emily Corcoran is a producer, writer and actor — sometimes all on the same project. Christchurch-born, she first fell into production on a holiday job at a London video company, while studying acting. After writing and starring in UK-NZ odd couple comedy Sisterhood (2008) —  which she co-produced on a budget of only $100,000 — she was asked to produce for others, including award-winning thriller Confine. Through her London-based company Cork Films, Corcoran went on to write and produce Kiwi goldrush drama The Stolen, with a cast that includes Alice Eve (Star Trek: Into Darkness) and Cohen Holloway.  

The German lawyers said they had only seen a structure this complex on a $20 million movie. My feeling was I had the ability to raise money overseas and bring it back, which a lot of producers don't, because they are living here and they are not connected overseas. I didn't want to tap into their production money. I wanted to bring money here. Emily Corcoran on the funding of her 2017 movie The Stolen, Stuff website, 10 May 2016


2017, Co-Producer - Short Film

The Stolen

2017, Original Story, As: Honey, Producer, Writer - Film

The Stolen follows English migrant Charlotte Lockton (Alice Eve, from Star Trek: Into Darkness) as she sets out to track down her kidnapped baby in gold rush era 1860s New Zealand. En route she meets gamblers, hustlers, prostitutes and Māori warriors. Bringing the era to life are Scotsman Graham McTavish (The Hobbit), Brit James Davenport (as the romantic interest), Rocky Horror Show creator Richard O’Brien, Cohen Holloway and singer Stan Walker. Produced and originated by London-based Kiwi Emily Corcoran, the film was directed by Brit Niall Johnson (comedy Keeping Mum).  


2017, Actor - Television

A Patch of Fog

2015, Associate Producer - Film

Clash of the Dead

2015, Co-Producer - Film


2015, Associate Producer - Film

The Survivalist

2015, Associate Producer - Film

Winter (English feature film)

2015, Co-Producer - Television

The Fight Room

2014, As: Mother V, Writer, Producer - Television


2013, Producer - Film


2013, Producer - Film


2013, Producer, As: Ms Big Teeth - Short Film

Father's Day (UK short film)

2009, As: Susan - Short Film

Ealing Comedy

2008, As: Dawn - Film

The Thread

2008, As: Zandra Murray-Wong - Short Film


2008, Writer, Producer, As: Shirley Zachary - Film

Moussaka & Chips

2005, Writer - Film

Lifes a Drag

2002, Director, Co-Producer - Television


2001, As: Sabrina - Short Film

The Invitation

2001, Writer, Producer - Short Film

The Devil

2000, As: Stella Adloff - Short Film

The Atmosphere is about to Change

1998, As: Lara - Short Film

The Prospect Picture Puppet Show

1998, As; Dottie's mother - Television