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Emily Corcoran

Producer, Writer, Actor

Emily Corcoran is a producer, writer and actor — sometimes all on the same project. Christchurch-born, she first fell into production on a holiday job at a London video company, while studying acting. After writing and starring in UK-NZ odd couple comedy Sisterhood (2008) —  which she co-produced on a budget of only $100,000 — she was asked to produce for others, including award-winning thriller Confine. Through her London-based company Cork Films, Corcoran went on to write and produce Kiwi goldrush drama The Stolen, with a cast that includes Alice Eve (Star Trek: Into Darkness) and Cohen Holloway.  

The German lawyers said they had only seen a structure this complex on a $20 million movie. My feeling was I had the ability to raise money overseas and bring it back, which a lot of producers don't, because they are living here and they are not connected overseas. I didn't want to tap into their production money. I wanted to bring money here. Emily Corcoran on the funding of her 2017 movie The Stolen, Stuff website, 10 May 2016