New Plymouth-born Patrick Gower studied politics at Victoria University, then journalism at AUT. After a stint at the NZ Herald, he began filing political stories for 3 News. Gower rose to become TV3’s political editor in 2012, forging a reputation for his hard-nosed style. He covered the 2012 US election and achieved web fame in 2014 when a 16-second long ‘thug life’ parody (“This is the f***ing news”) went viral.

I always said that in print it’s like working with a scalpel, because you can really get into the nitty-gritty, and you can be really specialised and direct. And you can work with complex issues really easily. In TV you’ve got to drop the scalpel, and they hand you an axe. It can be really effective to use, but it’s nowhere near as delicate as working in print. Gower on screen versus print political journalism, Salient magazine, 29 July 2013