Raised in NZ by a South African mother and Kiwi father, Samantha Hayes later did a degree in Media Studies and International Relations. Her first gig for TV3 was at 17, as an intern. At 23, the ex radio DJ was anchoring news show Nightline. She went on to present and report for TV3’s primetime news, and current affairs show 3rd Degree/3D. In 2016 she became co-anchor of the primetime Newshub bulletin, with Mike McRoberts.

She has no fear of failure, to a degree. I think she tells herself she won't fail, and that's maybe born into her a bit, too. Most of us, me included, are racked with fear and insecurity, about 'Oh, can I do this?'. She doesn't ever have that. Ex TV3 News and Current Affairs Head Mark Jennings, on Samantha Hayes


2015, Presenter - Television


3rd Degree / 3D

2013 - 2015, Presenter, Reporter - Television



2011, Presenter


Nightline - 20th Anniversary Episode

2010, Presenter - Television

A special tribute to 20 years of TV3's late night news show Nightline — including interviews with most of its regular newsreaders and major contributors of the previous two decades. Belinda Todd pops up in Los Angeles via satellite link and Darren McDonald is "door-stepped" at home while the others celebrate in a Ponsonby Road bar. There's a tribute to the late Dylan Taite; and other packages are devoted to Belinda Todd's more notorious antics, Bill Ralston's gonzo approach to politics, the show's arts coverage and its on-going love affair with nudity.    

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Dancing with the Stars

2018, Contestant - Television



2007 - 2010, Presenter, Reporter - Television

TV3's late night news show was devised in 1990 to provide a mix of credible news and entertainment. Once the serious news of the day was dispensed with, the brief was that the show could be a bit "off" with few rules - and the freedom to push boundaries. That's exactly what presenters like Belinda Todd, Bill Ralston, Dylan Taite and David Farrier proceeded to do in the show's often infamous "third break". Meanwhile, newsreaders including Joanna Paul, Janet Wilson, Leanne Malcolm and Carolyn Robinson did their best to keep a straight face. "Yo Nightliners!"


3 News

2010 - 2012, Newsreader, Reporter - Television

Independent channel TV3 kicked off on 26 November 1989. The flagship 6pm bulletin — originally 3 National News — was first anchored by ex TVNZ news man Philip Sherry, with Greg Clark filling the sports chair. Sherry was replaced by Joanna Paul, then another former TVNZ anchor, John Hawkesby. A 1998 revamp saw Carol Hirschfeld and John Campbell take up the new dual anchor roles. Their move to current affairs show Campbell Live in 2005 ushered in duo Hilary Barry and Mike McRoberts. In 2016 Mediaworks' rebranded its news service — and the slot — as Newshub.