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Nightline - 20th Anniversary Episode Television – 2010 News/Current Affairs

Nightline - 20th Anniversary Episode

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A special tribute to 20 years of TV3's late night news show Nightline — including interviews with most of its regular newsreaders and major contributors of the previous two decades. Belinda Todd pops up in Los Angeles via satellite link and Darren McDonald is "door-stepped" at home while the others celebrate in a Ponsonby Road bar. There's a tribute to the late Dylan Taite; and other packages are devoted to Belinda Todd's more notorious antics, Bill Ralston's gonzo approach to politics, the show's arts coverage and its on-going love affair with nudity.  


It’s kind of like a great dinner party. You’ve got these significant and interesting mains followed by these very sweet, occasionally quite naughty desserts and it’s all set to brilliant music. It’s just the perfect dose of everything you need.
– Carolyn Robinson, Nightline newsreader