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After shooting Taika Waititi's Oscar-nominated short film Two Cars, One Night (2003), Adam Clark made his feature debut as a director of photography in 2007 with Waititi's first full-length movie, odd couple tale Eagle vs Shark. After shooting Waititi's second movie — Kiwi box office champ Boy — Clark won a Qantas Film award in 2010. His eclectic CV also includes much travelled short film The Hole, as well as music videos (Little Things), commercials, and docudrama What Really Happened - Waitangi. His contributions to Vincent Ward's Rain of the Children were also Qantas nominated.

Allen Guilford, AlBol (Alun Bollinger) and Richard Bluck taught me all the skills I needed to become a cinematographer. But in the end you have to reinvent the wheel for yourself. My wheel still has rough edges, but I'm working on it. Adam Clark