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Alexander Greenhough

Director, Writer

Alexander Greenhough is co-creator of three low-budget feature films belonging to the so-called Aro Valley Film Movement: tales of 20-something ennui set in Wellington. He directed, co-wrote, and co-produced the first, I Think I'm Going (2003), then with Elric Kane, co-directed, co-wrote, and co-produced Murmurs and Kissy Kissy. All three premiered at the NZ International Film Festival. Greenhough is now based in the US. 

Their films belie their low-budget origins, and show that directors armed with a literate script, talented actors, a lot of energy and above all courage, can make interesting and thought-provoking films. Brannavan Gnanalingam, from a 2007 Lumiere profile on Greenhough and collaborator Elric Kane