After starting his career as an actor then doing eight years in the editing suite, Andrew Hawthorn has made his biggest mark in sports coverage. A child star in kidult drama Hunter's Gold, Hawthorn did time as a radio DJ and TV editor before moving into sports for TVNZ. After helming Olympics coverage and groundbreaking America's Cup coverage that was seen around the world, he joined Sky Sports in 2010.

From riding on bullock trains, hurtling down hillsides, to gunfights and horsegalloping chases through town at a breakneck speed, the show had everything a kid would want to watch, let alone be a part of. Andrew Hawthorn recalls acting on Hunter’s Gold

Super 15 Rugby

2013 - ongoing, Director - Television

Land Rover 1st XV Rugby

2011, Producer, Director

Asian Games

2006, Director - Television

Rolex Spirit of Yachting

2005-2010, Producer, Director

Louis Vuitton Acts

2004-2007, Producer, Director

Around Alone

2003, Producer, Editor, Camera, Producer - Television

Volvo Ocean Race

2001, Producer - Television

The Race

2000, Producer

Whitbread Round the World Yacht Race

1997-98, Producer, Director

Sunday Grandstand

1993-98, Producer, Director - Television

More Issues

1991 - 1992, Vision Mixer - Television

On the heels of Issues (1990), More Issues offered more of the same satirical takes on local and international current affairs. It pokes fun at the advent of news-presenting personalities like Judy Bailey, Richard Long and Paul Holmes - such a prominent feature of NZ TV at the time. Politicians Ruth Richardson and Robert Muldoon also featured regularly, and celebs such as Oprah Winfrey and Rachel Hunter made appearances. Issues of the day included Martin Crowe's upcoming nuptials, the first Gulf War, and Māori land claims.  

America's Cup

1990-2000, 2007, Director, Producer - Television

Auckland Commonwealth Games

1990, Vision Mixer

Māori Battalion - March to Victory

1990, Video Editor - Television

Māori Battalion - March To Victory tells the story of the New Zealand Army's (28th) Māori Battalion, which fought in campaigns during World War ll. Director and writer Tainui Stephens sets out in the feature-length documentary to tell the stories of five men who served with the unit, and also "capture how they felt about it". Narration by actor George Henare, remembrances, visits to historic sites, archival footage, and graphic stills create a respectful and stirring screen testament to the men who fought in the Battalion. Stephens writes about the film in the backgrounder.


1987 - 1990, Vision Mixer - Television

Gloss was a popular Kiwi television drama series made by TVNZ that screened in the late 80s; it combined a wealthy family, the Redferns, with a lucrative high-fashion magazine business. Yuppies, shoulder-pads and méthode champenoise abound in this cult "glamour soap". New Zealanders wanted to see themselves as less bottom of the world and more "here we come and we are sailing" (as the infamous Cup campaign song warbled), and Gloss was just what the era demanded.

Hunter's Gold - First Episode

1976, As: Scott Hunter - Television

This classic kids’ adventure series follows a boy trying to find his missing father, amidst the 1860s Otago gold rush. The show displayed unprecedented production values, and demonstrated that Kiwi-made kids’ drama could be successfully exported. This first episode sees Scott Hunter (Andrew Hawthorn) steal away to Tucker’s Valley, spurred on by his unsympathetic uncle. In the background pieces, writer Roger Simpson recalls creating 13 scripts at high speed, and director Tom Parkinson writes about the Kiwi landscape as character, and finding the production team. 

Commonwealth Games

1998-2002, 2010, Producer, Director - Television

Olympic Games

1994 - 2004, 2012, Producer, Director - Television