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Austin Mitchell

Presenter, Writer

Yorkshire born and raised, Austin Mitchell began winning attention in New Zealand by hosting current affairs shows in the 1960s, while teaching history at Otago University. Back home in England, he began an eight year run as a television journalist, and wrote 1972's The Half-Gallon Quarter-Acre Pavlova Paradise, a love letter to New Zealand which became a Kiwi bestseller. Thirty years later Mitchell returned to see how the country had changed. The result was TV series and book Pavlova Paradise Revisited. Mitchell began a 46 year political career in 1977, as Labour MP in the English seat of Grimsby. He retired in 2015.

... he had already committed all the unforgivable sins: he was abrasive, ironic, satirical, funny, disrespectful, and he allowed comment to appear on his programme. Brian Edwards on Austin Mitchell winning television fame in the 1960s, in Edwards' book The Public Eye