New Zealand-born actor Barbara Ewing attracted early notice in 60s British horror films, and became a UK household name as buxom Agnes Fairchild on TV comedy Brass. Ewing was raised in NZ, before leaving to train at RADA in London. In 1979 she won a Feltex Award as the lead in NZ returning expat drama Rachel. Ewing has written plays and several acclaimed novels, including theatre-set bestseller The Mesmerist.

Writing is lonely. Acting is communal. [But the two] come from the same part of the brain. Barbara Ewing on her two careers, in a Dominion Post interview, 3 March 2012.


2018, As: Edna Ayers - Film

Mother Time

2009, As: Grandmother - Short Film

Brothers of the Head

2005, As: Dr Janice Marsden - Film


2003, 2006, As: Jane Holden/ Audrey Dennison - Television

Holby City

2003, As: Sylvia McEwan - Television


1995, As: Mrs Keegan - Television


1996, As: Audrey Pearson - Television

The Vet

1996, As: Cassie Westbury - Television


1993, As: Sheila - Television

Peak Practice

1998, As: Andrew Attwood's Mother - Television

In Suspicious Circumstances

1992, As: Freddie Mills - Television

When the Whales Came

1989, As: Mary Pender - Film

Ruth Rendell Mysteries

1999, As: Jean Clayton - Television

The Honey Siege

1987, As: Feen Rainbow - Television


1993, 1999, 2007, As: Various roles - Television


1986, 1992, Various roles - Television

Comrade Dad

1986, As: Treen Dudgeon - Television


2000, As: Official Receiver - Television

Haunters of the Deep

1984, As: Mrs Holman - Film

The Bill

1992, 1994, 1997, As: Various roles - Television


1983 - 1990, As: Agnes Fairchild - Television

Pioneer Women

1983 - 1990, As: Nurse Sibylla Maude - Television

The award-winning Pioneer Women series was producer Pamela Meekings-Stewart’s response to her perception that histories on NZ television, like The Governor, hadn’t adequately recognised the role played by women in shaping the nation. The initial series of six episodes focussed on the lives of Nurse Maude, Ettie Rout, Hera Ngoungou, Princess Te Puea, Elizabeth Colsenso and Ellen Hewett; it celebrated women who not only had to face hardship and deprivation but were charged with raising the next generation. A second series of three episodes screened in 1990.

Loose Enz - Press for Service

1982, As: Shona - Television

Written by Tom Scott, Press for Service is a humorous take on the shenanigans of the parliamentary press as they battle with the prime minister over their journalistic freedom. With the idealism, sleaze and alcoholism, that traditionally go hand and hand with the job, we follow David Miller; striving to be a respected journalist. Miller writes a damning piece but forgets to check his sources. Opening and closing with John Toon's elegant aerial shots of Wellington and a buoyant score, the episode features prominent Wellington thespians Ray Henwood and Ross Jolly.

Eye of the Needle

1981, As: Mrs Garden - Television

Hammer House of Horror

1980, As: Laura Stephens - Television


1978, As: Rachel - Television


1976, As: Margaret - Television

The Sweeney

1978, As: Joan Maskall - Television

Country Matters - The Little Farm

1973, As: Edna Johnson - Television

Hard Times

1973, As: Rachael - Television


1973 - 1975, As: Dora Wilson - Television

Crown Court

1974 - 1979, As: Various roles - Television

The Reckoning

1970, As: Joan - Film

Dracula Has Risen from the Grave

1968, As: Zena - Film

The Jazz Age

1968, As: Bessie Kent-Cumberland - Television

Torture Garden

1967, As: Dorothy Endicott - Film

ITV Play of the Week

1966, As: Edith Swan-neck - Television