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Baz Macdonald


Invercargill-born journalist Baz Macdonald grew up in Southland. His journalism is primarily video-based, dissecting social, cultural, tech and environmental issues. His Vice documentary Hunt for the Bunker People, where he endeavours to track down imported survival bunkers and those buying them, premiered on Prime before streaming on Neon. In 2021, he presented six-part series Milk & Money, in which he studied the effects of dairy farming in Aotearoa. Macdonald has also written for websites Newsroom, The Spinoff and TVNZ's Re: In 2019 Macdonald joined TVNZ as a full-time journalist.

I understand why the [dairy] industry depicts itself with the orange-tinted lens of a simpler time. It’s not even necessarily a lie. I’ve seen firsthand the loving relationship many farmers have with their dairy cows, including giving them names like Lucy. But it doesn’t come close to showing the full scale of our current industry, the true lives of its animals, or its environmental impacts. Baz Macdonald writes about New Zealand's dairy industry, for NZ On Screen's Cow Collection, March 2023